Q. 1) How can you give MBAin 6 Months?
Ans. The program is for 2 years, however we give this facility to our students wherein hey can finish the program any time between 6 month and 2-years. Generally if you pursue MBA from some other institute and even if you finish your studies in 13 months you can give your exam only after 24 month. In our case if you finish your studies in 13 months, you can give your exams and get your certifications done, thus saving your own 11 months. The duration of the program completely depends on the student caliber.

Q. 2) Will the companies accept 6 months MBA?
Ans. Sir, first of all your certificate will not indicate that you have finished your program in 6 months or 8 month. It just indicates the date you have finished your program. Secondly for past 5 years, we have been giving this fast track MBAand you can see the list of companies where our students are placed. So the Companies do accept and acknowledge this MBA.

Q. 3) How can you give MBA in 5 Subjects?
Ans. Sir since you already have an experience of "n" years with you, we acknowledge the fact that you already have the basic knowledge of Management through your practical life and you don't need to go through the basics again. So we have handpicked all the necessary subjects which are absolutely required for a program to be called an MBA and we have specially designed this tailor made course for you.

Q. 4) Is your institute approved by AICTE &/or UGC?
Ans. 1. Sir we have not taken the AICTE approval. There are several reasons behind that. First of all they have certain norms like to run an institute you should have 5 acres of land in an urban area or 25 acres in a non urban area. 2. Also your classroom size should be this much and you should have a bank balance of 2 cores. Since we are running a distance learning programs what will we do with this much of land. 3. Secondly if we take their approval we will lose out on a lot of our strong points. We will not be able to provide you with fast track education as the duration would be decided by AICTE. 4. In such a case we won’t be able to give 100% placement guarantee to our regular MBA students which is one of our strongest points. 5. As far as UGC is concerned, they give grants to a university and we are not a university.

Q. 5) What is the ranking of your Institute in India?

Ans. 1. In distance learning mode, we are definitely in top 10, as rated by various business magazines like Business barons, Business Management Chronicle, Google, com etc.

2. In regular mode, the rankings are based on the placement of the students. And since our first batch is going on, we will get to know the ranking only after we finish our first batch

3. Most of our students have already got offers to the tune of Rs.3 lac to 3.5 lacs.

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